SOC Specialist, Penetration Tester

WORKSHOP : Reconnaissance & Vulnerabilities 101

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Eric Sowah Badger is a proven software developer and a penetration tester with experience in
Incident response, detection, and investigations, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment,
Software Testing, Network Assessment, Application Security, Website / Web app Development,
etc. and also a corporate InfoSec personnel. He command experiential knowledge in security
threats and response, ethical hacking, a CTF player on TryHackMe and other International
Platforms, a professional speaker on cyber security related topics. He is also a capacity building
professional on Ethical hacking and penetration testing.
He is currently a SOC Specialist with concentration on penetration testing for GCB Bank Ltd. He
is also a freelance consultant with Information Security Architect where he is involved in
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) of webapp and network