Cybersecurity Analyst and Educator at CYCO

Atlanta GA, United States.

TALK: Growth Systems for Cybersecurity Enthusiasts

Presented in: ENGLISH

SEGUN EBENEZER  is a passionate cybersecurity analyst with an interest in cyber defense, cloud security, and cybersecurity mindfulness. A prolific writer, an amazing cybersecurity speaker, and a content developer with keen insights into cybersecurity awareness creation. He has featured on different cybersecurity awareness talks such as Comercio Limited’s Cybersecurity Awareness Webinar, CyberTalk Africa with Afeez, and Cyber Security with Dana Mantilia.

We are PROUD to host him at EOCON 2021


This presentation gives perspective to the systems of growth for cybersecurity starters, students and enthusiasts that are rarely known or mentioned in the cybersecurity field and have helped many professionals grow from newbies to the experts they are today. These are tools that will help cybersecurity students become relevant in the industry as a student; these are tools that will give cybersecurity enthusiasts a voice in the industry, these tools are capable of giving newbies rapid growth in the industry, I call them Growth Systems for Cybersecurity Enthusiasts.

Twitter: @segunthescribe