On the sidelines of the EOCON event, a competition in Computer Security (live hacking) is also organized in an arena where teams challenge each other in various events using their cybersecurity skills.  The challenges are varied (Test security of a website, infiltrate servers, cryptography, crack passwords, conduct a network investigation, Risk assessment …etc). A unique opportunity to find talent. Lots of fun ahead. In the jargon, we call this type of competition: CTF, put for Capture The Flag.

Capture The Flag (CTF) are cybersecurity competitions   between professionals or students. Participants take on challenges/missions disseminated around a virtual world in a range of various security domains. They discover “flags” and submit them for points. All this is organized around a “james bond” scenario-like.

In our CTF, participants create his account and join a team or create one. it’s allowed up to Two members by teams. A dashboard displays in real time the scores of the participants and the time remaining before the end of the competition.

Once the countdown has ended, the winner is the one with the highest score and will be awarded during our Cybersecurity great  conference.

Follow the hashtag #eoctf