Did you know that each year Africa loses an average of 3.5 billion dollars due to cybercrime ?

That Cameroon is classified as the 66th country most attacked by cybercriminals in the world and the 8th in Africa and that with an internet penetration rate growing by 20% each year these figures of cybercrime go without doubts grow.

Even more serious are the response capacities. There is a lack of qualified professionals and a poor culture of digital security.

You will have understood the gap is enormous between the real issues, the future challenges and our current capacities. Blame it on a lack of knowledge of the subject and a poor culture on digital security. We made a choice, that of working for the common good.




For 03 years already the members of our team have participated in many professional meetings and exchanges. We were able to touch with our fingertips this growing interest in the security of our data through:
Young people who want to learn but don’t know where to start.
Professionals who want to boost their profile and career through IT security and do not know where to start.
Individuals and companies who have security needs and do not know who to contact.
The digital security market in Cameroon has enormous potential, but information is not circulating. We see this growing demand, this enthusiasm, this desire to be part of the solution. This is how the annual cybersecurity conference called EOCON (EyesOpen Cybersecurity Conference) was born. Organized by a network of professionals, it brings together the actors of our digital comfort of tomorrow, for training, sharing, awareness and popularization of digital security today.


Since the 2019 edition, success has been there, proof that we were right. The 2019 edition is still remembered by participants. This year we need you to make this adventure a success for the common good, a success for our security tomorrow. But today your support is important