The evolution of information and communication technologies, in particular with the development of the Internet, has had the effect of giving the digital world a crucial role in all parts of our society, which has itself become ultra-connected. This societal transformation has resulted in the rise of cybercrime which is none other than crime as we know it but assisted by computer. Not a day goes by without a business falling victim to varying degrees of increasingly violent and easy-to-implement computer attacks from cybercriminals. The impact on arrival is enormous.
Did you know that each year Africa loses an average of 3.5 billion* dollars due to cybercrime ? But even more serious are our response capacities in Africa in general. There is a shortage of qualified professionals and a poor safety culture in our digital society. You will have understood the gap is enormous between the real issues, the future challenges and our current capacities. The fault of a lack of knowledge of the subject and a poor culture on computer security.
At the EyesOpen association, we made a choice. That of boosting our ecosystem by promoting awareness, expression, exchange, sharing, challenge and networking between digital players through a multifaceted event. An event with 4 keys events :

  • EyesOpen CTF, a cybersecurity competition - 20 to 22 Oct (online)
  • EOWORKSHOP, a series of training workshops - 23 to 27 Oct (online)
  • Experts Panels - 28 Oct (online)
  • IT Security Conference - 23 to 28 Oct. (online

Let’s go in details.

The CTF Competition

During EOCON we organize a live hacking competition in an arena where teams challenge each other on varying challenges using their skills in ethical hacking.
Called EyesOpenCTF, the cybersecurity competition takes place in a virtual arena where teams compete indirectly in multiple challenges in various areas of cybersecurity.
The CTFs (put for Capture The Flag) are very popular cybersecurity competitions in countries where the culture of digital security is already very established (example: BLACKHAT CTF and the DEFCON CTF organized in the USA).
Follow the hashtag #EOCTF

The Training Workshops

No matter how experienced you are at your business, everyone can learn. We are organizing a training workshop during our conference. Training workshops are a great way to share practical knowledge or learn new skills.
We invite you to consult the program. It will be updated over time.


It is a bilingual (English / French) meeting of enthusiasts of digital universe in general and cybersecurity, bringing together professionals, business leaders, students, women and men coming from various countries.
Follow the hashtag #EOCON

Sharing & Networking

Conferences provide a great opportunity to network. Networking can bring you business and job opportunities. Sharing and Collaboration is the way to approach networking. People can help each other uncover ideas and spark inspiration when they get to know each other on a personal level.

Become a Sponsor

We are inviting sponsorship and advertiser from industries, businesses, and government agencies including the leading players in Cybersecurity. Various levels of sponsorship are possible.

Become speaker and Make your voice heard

If you have an interesting topic, innovation, story or experience, speak up and share with your peers and fellow conference attendees. Submit your topic and become a speaker. The only condition is that this subject must be linked to digital in general or to information security in particular.

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